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Minor talents

We offer people under 18 the opportunity to share their project on our site free of charge.


However, in order to protect minor talents and in order to comply with current GDPR regulations, we require the consent of a legal guardian (parent or guardian) on behalf of the child before authorizing them to share their project on our site.

Once the form opposite has been sent, our team will verify your request. In case of validation, you will receive (within 48 hours) a personalized coupon code, allowing the talent to benefit from a 100% reduction on the formula of their choice (Simple, Triple or Gold) and thus to share your project for free on our site to gain visibility.

Legal representative

Minor talent

Choose the package we offer you

Thank you for submitting your request!

If your request is validated, you will receive a coupon code by email (within 24 hours) which will entitle you to a 100% discount on your chosen package.

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