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  • Is it entirely free to predict the winning podiums?
    Yes, participation in the competition as a voter is entirely free of charge. All you have to do to take part is discover all the talent in a category, then send in the form at the bottom of the page presenting the designers, indicating your vote and your prediction of the podium, to hope to win the sum at stake. You can submit a form for a single designer category, or for several. The prize money for each category is won by the voter who predicts the podium in the correct order. If more than one voter has predicted the correct podium, the winner is determined by drawing lots among them. Voters therefore run no risk of losing money by betting on a talent. That's the strength of this site: no costs for you, only potential winnings if you're lucky.
  • How is the site funded?
    The site is funded by content creators, who pay a fee to take part in competitions, in exchange for visibility on the site for one or more months. The site is indeed based on the promotion of creators who wish to publicize their projects and be highlighted on a platform likely to attract a large number of visitors every month.
  • How can I promote my project as a content creator?
    This site has been designed for all creators wishing to gain visibility, whatever their field (Music, Sport, Entertainment, Business). If you're one of these creators, we offer you the chance to be featured on the platform by taking part in monthly competitions, so that site visitors can discover you better and start following you on your own website or social networks. You can share your creations with us on the "Share my project" page by choosing one of the three formulas on offer. We will be delighted to highlight your creation, your detailed project and your social networks on our site.
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