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Artists and you... in harmony !

Support the artists and try your luck to win the prizes... for a good cause

Our Talents

Our site aims to highlight talents in the field of music and to introduce them to you.

Support your favorite artist by giving them 10 points! You can also predict,free, who will be the winner of the competition and how many points they will obtain.

At the end of the competition:

  • The artist who collects the most points wins the sum of 150 euros.

  • The voter who predicted the winner and their number of points (as close as possible) wins the sum of 100 euros.

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Our Actions

Artists featured on our site are also featured on the Helpful Music YouTube channel, a channel dedicated to relaxing music and creations by young artists, whose proceeds are donated to people in need.

All of the revenue from our YouTube channel as well as half of the revenue from this site is in fact given to homeless people or people in need, directly or through associations.

Let's discover new talents together, while helping the world, on our scale, to get a little better.

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Jeu de chance, dés, miser sur les talents

40 content creators showcased each month in 4 competitions

Each month, 40 content creators divided into 4 categories (Music, Sport Entertainment, Business) are highlighted for you to discover.

30 days to vote and make your predictions for the winning podium

After voting to support your favorite creator, you can try to predict, for free, which three creators in each category will receive the most votes at the end of the month.

1 year of visibility up for grabs for winning talents

Our aim is to put the spotlight on young content creators during the month-long competition. But the winning talent in each category will be entitled to even greater visibility: a year's continuous presence on the site!

100 euros up for grabs each month in case of winning bets

A prize of 25 euros is awarded to the person who predicts the right podium (in the right order) for a category. So there's 100 euros up for grabs if you attempt a prediction for all 4 categories.

If several of you have predicted the right podium for a category, a draw will determine the winner of the 25 euros!

It's up to you! Nothing to lose, it's free !

Video shooting

Now, your turn! Share your creations with us

You have a project and want to gain visibility? Share it with us!

Singers, dancers, composers, youtubers, brand creators, entrepreneurs, tiktokers... you're all welcome!

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